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About Us

Our business model is based on our objective to achieve our vision and financial targets in order to create values for our stakeholders. We create added values for our clients through cost effectiveness and production efficiency. Our business runs based on custom design and highly efficient production.

At Dippro, we apply THREE basic principles: Being Professional, Efficient and Responsible.
We achieve our vision and missions through:

Product Efficiencies

As a manufacturer, we need to concentrate on activities that create value for our customers and what they consider important in the long term. High productivity and a continual focus on costs are consequently vital aspects of our day-to-day operations. Continual upgrades and the application of the Six Sigma concept lead to better business for both us and our customers through efficient processes, reduced scrap, shorter lead times and new solutions.

Long-term Customer Relationships

We always endeavor to develop long-term and close relationships with our customers. Because the better we understand their processes and needs, the greater the value we can create for them. We also work internally across our companies and business areas to create a broad customer offering.

Extensive Customer Offering

The general trend is for customers to reduce their number of suppliers and prioritise those providers with the resources and capabilities to support them from concept to delivery. Our customer offering therefore encompasses most technologies in the field of polymers and includes everything from concept development, product design and material optimisation to mass production, post-processing, assembly and logistics.

Think Global Act Local

Proximity to the customer is always key, both for us and for customers. We are therefore open to establishing production where the customer is located. We can reduce investment risk and lead times by using existing production units.

Our Skills

Our customers constantly challenge us with new requests and tougher requirements. We therefore proactively improve our offering by enhancing the skills of our staff by constant development and training activities.

Ethical & Social Responsible

We have strong core values which are based on the view that efficient and profitable business operations must be ethical and socially responsible. Issues relating to ethics, social responsibility, and protection of the natural environment are therefore the primary features of our business activities.

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Our Vision

To become a trusted manufacturer of custom latex products that suit customers' specific needs.

Our Mission

Our goal is to respond to the dynamic rubber industry that demands latex products with efficient and environmentally responsible processes.