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At Dippro, we work as a team to develop tooling and processes for new product development from conception to completion. We have extensive experience in developing new products to meet our customers specific requirements ranging from industry to the consumer markets.

Our team will work with you to take specifications from technical drawings and designs, to rubber prototypes, to final manufacturing processes and production. You can always trust our experience in producing good quality custom products based on your very own requirements.

Whether mass producing rubber and latex components such as latex sleeves, latex caps, balloons, bladders, or needing custom product manufacturing expertise, our product development team offer the service to you. Do speak to us about your business needs and we will help you manage your production requirements.

Feel free to ask us about new products and special requests of products similar to our existing product range.

We recommend that you fill in the Enquiry Form and we shall get back to you the soonest we could.

New Product Development Process